Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vulture Capitalism and Its Apologists

Some simply cannot accept the reality of a vulturous brand of capitalism that strips assets and destroys jobs, even when the evidence is abundantly there, right before their eyes. These people are like the old-style Bolsheviks, who defended the revolution even as the muzzle touched the back of their necks. Lemming-like ideologues, they'll work their whole lives long on shrinking wages and lost benefits, and in the end it won't be their god that failed them, but rather specters of "over-regulation, unions," etc. They'll die never knowing what really killed them.


  1. At the coffee shop on Friday a group of three Republicans gathered to discuss one of the dude's prospects of being elected alderman. I attempted friendly banter. The fattest one dissed me. He had no idea that I am one of the "shabby rich" and much more powerful than he is. I will never sell that motherfucker a painting.

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