Saturday, April 14, 2012

What is a Philosophical Id?

A philosophical id is the part of the philosopher's psyche that powerfully manifests its indignation towards falsity, stupidity, dogma, duplicity, deception, and all human idiocy, expressed in a harsh and unvarnished fashion, leaving behind all sober, evenhanded decorum.  A philosophical id attacks the disingenuine, the fool, the willfully ignorant, and the deliberately simpleminded without pause or quarter, because sometimes--all too often, in fact--reason by itself is not equal to the task at hand, especially when employed with cloying irony.  A philosophical id understands this; it still uses reason, but not in the way of the typical lover of wisdom.  It is not interested in seduction, but rather destruction--the destruction of those who blithely profane the true and the good.  Thus, a philosophical id is embittered and resentful, and it wields reason to cut, to burn, to bruise.  In a word, a philosophical id wants to once again make stupidity something shameful.  In times like the present, is there any work more noble?

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